Vernon Kay is hosting a brand new Channel Four entertainment series LIVE each night until Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th December.

One soon-to-be-married couple have, for the first time, brought their two families together. This week-long entertainment cracker follows the families' festive frolics as they face tinsel temptations and yuletide games in a bid to win a fantastic Christmas present. Can they survive their own family 24 hours a day for a week to win a potential half a million pounds?

On Christmas Eve, we shall be joined by Jamie Laing, Cheska & Ollie Locke from Made in Chelsea!

If you think Christmas with your nearest and dearest is a challenge, wait until you see what's waiting for this family in Home for the Holidays, a festive entertainment series with warm Christmas cheer and lots of wonderful festive surprises & treats, where you, our audience, can help cheer the families on to win an item from the families' very special Christmas list each night!

The show is live each night until 24th December. If you would like to join us in Uxbridge for a night of excitement and Christmas cheer, then apply now!


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