Angelos Neil Epithemiou (AKA Dan Renton Skinner) is a modern day clown living in an oversized world of fun who gained a large and loyal fan-base from his appearances on Shooting Stars and his BBC Online series Moving On and now he is to host his own all-singing, all-dancing entertainment show on Channel 4.

With a menu full of slapstick, jokes, stunts, high energy dancing, catchy singing and sophisticated magic, The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show will be a wholesome variety bag of light entertainment.

We shall also be introduced to some of Dan Skinner's new characters on the show including Morris Chessman, an ambulance-chasing lawyer from America who believes he was entirely responsible for the Motown movement and Malone, a failed and bitter Irish gypsy prize fighter who has never recovered from his infamous crushing defeat by pretty boy O’Flaherty.

If you would like to join us on Thursday 6 October 2011 at MediaCity, Salford Quays, Manchester for a refreshingly unique night of comedy then apply now!


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