The TV Archive Quiz is a brand new show being developed for Saturday nights. It's a cross between a panel show and a fun quiz about years gone by. Our host is stand-up comedian Robin Ince and he’ll be joined by two teams of two guest comedians as we take a spin through the archives looking at funny and informative clips and interesting and quirky questions.

This show is being developed to be broadcast LIVE in 2012 so that viewers will be able to play along with the quiz at home online. For now though, this should be a fun chance to see a show in its earliest stages, (there won’t even be a set…just some tables and chairs!) as Robin and his guests take us through the funniest bits from recent history. You’ll be part of a small audience in this very informal setting so it promises to be an interesting, informative and really funny evening. 

Booking is now open, so if you would like to join us on Tuesday 18th October at BBC TV Centre, then apply now!


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