ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG’S new BBC1 show EPIC WIN is looking for ordinary people with EPIC skills!

Epic Win will celebrate the nation’s unique skills and talents, from the eccentric to the incredible, and offer ordinary people the chance to entertain a panel of comedians to win a cash prize.

The team are currently looking for contestants to take part, so if you think your unique ‘talent’ has been underrated by your friends and family for far too long, this could be your chance to become an Epic Winner!

No skill too strange, no ability too ridiculous! So whether you can kick yourself in the head, identify CDs just by licking them, or do just about anything we could put to the test to wow our panel, we want to hear from you!

Your talent doesn’t have to be fit for the Queen…but it definitely needs to be Epic!

If you think that you have a talent that we should hear about, get in touch now.


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