Stephen Nolan's documentary about obesity will be transmitted next Monday at 9pm. The documentary is called 'Dead Fat' and Stephen travelled to germany to witness an autopsy of an obese body, as well as to Huntington, West Virginia - the unhealthiest city in the US - where children as young as 8 have been diagnosed with heart problems due to obesity. Back in Northern Ireland, he asks how bad things are for us and goes for some health checks himself and is shocked by the results.

On Tuesday 5th April, Stephen will be hosting a live TV show looking at the dangers of being fat and trying to answer what can be done about it.

We are looking for people who suffer from obesity themselves, who’ve battled their own weight problems or those who have anything to say on the subject - as well as people who simply want to come and see the show.

If you would like to join Stephen Nolan on Tuesday 5th April at The BBC Blackstaff Studios, Belfast for this live TV discussion, then apply now!


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