Jo Brand is 'The Marriage Ref’ in a brand new comedy pilot for ITV1. Jo will be joined by top-notch celebrities and comedians (including Jack Dee, Myleene Klass and Sarah Millican) in this brilliant comedy panel show.

The show looks at real-life couples who are very much in love, but have something quirky and ridiculous that they argue about. No tiff is too absurd for the show - from a couple who bicker about the husband’s desire to stuff and display his beloved dead pooch …to a wife who is fed up of her husband taking his wedding ring off every time he goes out with his mates.

It’s up to Jo Brand and her panel to decide who’s right and wrong in each of these domestic disputes – the husband or the wife. The show will be packed with laughs as Jo and her guests discuss, debate and add their own personal take to each light-hearted and very funny tiff.

If you would like to join us for a great night of top comedy on Sunday 30th January 2011, then apply now.


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