Family Food Fight aims to teach people how to cook healthier versions of favourite family dinners. In conjunction with Jean Christophe Novelli & Matt Tebbutt, we are aiming to equip families with the knowledge to cook fresh, healthy dishes that steer away from using the ready meal, jars of sauce and take away culture and in doing so, we hope to help the contestants reduce the amount of saturated fat, salt and sugar in their diet.

Our top class chefs will give people the recipes and the skills to create tasty and healthy meals whilst still keeping within a budget. They will demonstrate easy ways to transform traditional recipes into healthier options. The people taking part in the show will have a full examination of their current diet and the effect this is having on their body. Due to many people's busy lifestyle or lack of confidence and knowledge in the kitchen, they are unknowingly causing damage to their bodies. By highlighting these issues we are aiming to make a real difference to families across the country.

The people taking part in the show have already been selected and now, we are looking for diners to join us at a London restaurant. We are particularly interested to hear from families who wish to attend together.

If you would like to join us in London for a rather special evening of dining and are happy to comment upon what you have eaten, then apply now!


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