TEENAGE KICKS was a sitcom by Adrian Edmondson & Nigel Smith based on their successful radio show.

Vernon (Adrian Edmondson) moved in with his teenage kids after a spectacularly nasty divorce. Genuinely excited about living in their student flat, he was a rebel in his youth (or so he thought), and this was his chance to be young again. Naturally, his kids were bloody mortified.

Vernon had spent the last two decades living off his high-flying wife – mostly in a comfy pub in comfy Godalming. Now he was back in the ‘real’ world: free, no ties, no responsibilities. OK, he was unemployable, impoverished and alone, but those were the only downsides. At least now he could rekindle the embers of his glorious youth and be as hedonistic, as irresponsible and as selfish and idle as his kids.

There were four in the flat: lazy, laid back, and gullible son Max (20); spiky, naively sexy, uptight daughter Milly (18); hapless, abused lodger David Chang (19), (who is from Hong Kong, went to Public School and has a rich family); and Vernon. As it was only a three bedroom flat, and Vernon was broke and unable to contribute to the rent, he had to make do with sleeping in the box room (everyone else called it the cupboard under the stairs).

Vernon’s only refuge from his nagging children was the pub where he met his oldest mate Bryan, now a reasonably content, slightly smug, primary school deputy head whose ‘sorted’ life is in direct contrast with Vernon’s. However, neither is quite sure who is getting the better deal.

At heart this was a family sitcom, but the normal family structure had been turned upside down: here the young kids can't get rid of their stupidly rebellious father.

The show was recorded at Teddington Studios.

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