Men Behaving Badly meets Rising Damp, or even Only Fools and Horses mixed with Goodness Gracious Me! However you want to describe it, 'In My Country' is a funny new sitcom for BBC 2, written by Simon Nye (Men Behaving Badly) and set in a run down guest house in North London.

Omid Djalili (star of BBC1's The Omid Djalili Show) plays Navid, an Syrian immigrant down on his luck now permanent resident at the guest house.

Stephen K Amos (stand up comic and star of Live at The Apollo, The Royal Variety Show, Have I got News for You and Eastenders) plays Johnny, a Nigerian immigrant newly arrived in Britain.

When Johnny turns up at the guest house, Navid takes it upon himself to show him the ropes; but surviving the scams Navid talks him into taking part in, becomes as difficult for Johnny as surviving Britain.

Also in the house are Ratana (Vee Vimolmal), an ex Thai bride and her eight year old son; Sali (Velibor Topic), an immigrant from Kosovo, and half a dozen Polish builders who work 18 hours a day and then fall asleep in a pile. Mrs Ledley, the landlady, lives next door and appears every now and then to collect the rent, and to remind them of the rules of the house: “If you see a rat, kill it”.

The show was taped at BBC TV Centre.


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