Sell Me the Answer is a brand new exciting gameshow, and on Friday 24th October, we shall be taping a pilot episode with our potential host: Keith Chegwin.

One player and 100 traders begin the game. The player has to answer 11 questions correctly to win the jackpot. For each correct answer, they are awarded a cash sum. If they need help, they can ask the traders to help them - and that's where the fun begins! Using the accrued cash, the player asks the trader to 'Sell Me The Answer'. The player and the trader have to negotiate a price for the sale of the answer.  Will the trader get greedy and hold out for more money? Will the trader really know the right answer?

We need lively audience members to cheer our players on and heckle our traders! It's a loud and fast-paced game and this is an unusual chance to see a show in development and help our presenter perform at his very best!

If you're up for a night of fun and would like to join us TONIGHT, Friday 24th October, at the ITV London Studios for ONE NIGHT ONLY, then apply now!


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