As the opening titles reveal the comedy trio clad in only their freshly ironed underpants, we gaze at their pasty dimpled flesh and wobbly manscaping and it’s clear that they know funny.

Bringing a fresh surreal twist to the comedy world, The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek is a sketch show. As much of the studio material as possible will be filmed in front of the studio audience, but there will also be pre-records filmed earlier and played in for the studio audience to see.

The sketches cover such topics as sexually confused speed dating, new dads confronted with dirty nappies, gay vegetarian lions, an adulterous Yeti caught out on Skype, a cow that wants its milk back, a psychopathic lollipop man, a ‘stoned’ man who can talk to his furniture and the massive Riverdance finale, where the boys arrive home, planning a quiet night in only to discover that ‘Riverdance’ is now an airborne virus.

There are also running gags such as ‘the cleaner with a mop and hazard sign’ who appears and mops at the worst possible moments. No-one dare step on his wet floor - doctors can’t do life saving surgery, Israel and Palestine can’t sign their peace treaty.

If you would like to join us for a night of comedy on Friday 16th March 2012 at is BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow, then apply now!


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