As part of our new Tonightly show, we’re holding some fun events around London hosted by our presenter Buddy. It’s all gone a bit pear shaped in UK for sport so it’s time to bring back the joy! To this end Buddy invites you to join him in cheering on the more low-key sporting events and participants.

Come along to the location and join a crowd celebrating the joggers! Award a cup to the boys playing catch! Whoop and cheer on a person fishing! The point is, we’re going to make unsuspecting people feel great about themselves. And Buddy our host and ringleader is a very excited and joyful person to be around.

This Sunday, 13th July, we shall be on Tooting Bec Common. The closest underground/overground station is BALHAM (Northern Line). We'll be there from 1.45pm for 2pm and the event should last approximately one hour.

Meeting point – There is a little café in the park. When you come up the escalator at Balham, take Left Hand Exit. Out the station and to your right at the end of the road you’ll see the BEDFORD PUB (very nice for a drink if you’re thirsty). This is on Bedford Road, walk down Bedford Road towards the pub, and beyond, and this will take you to the Common (just under 10mins). The café will be on the right, after the pedestrian crossing after Hillbury Rd. There will be people there waiting with Tonightly clipboards to sign you in. 

Dresscode – anything goes really, but if you can avoid thin pin-stripes and any obvious labels on your clothes that would be a real help.

The whole event should take no longer than an hour. We will probably try and do the mob three times in quick succession.

If you’re free and up for helping us out then email [email protected] as soon as possible, letting her know how many people you'd like to bring. 

Weather – We may not be able to continue with the mob if it’s heavily raining. Those who have booked in with us beforehand will be texted to let them know if this is the case. However despite heavy rain today the forecast says glorious sunshine so bring your mates and you could have a picnic afterwards or swim in the Tooting lido! All is set for a great day!

Stephanie looks forward to hearing from you!

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