Bill Hicks called them Satan's Little Helpers. They're the flaky, shaky, fakey "creatives" who work in the advertising industry. Underworked and overpaid, they're the people who spend all day trying to persuade you to buy stuff you don't want with money you don't have. They're scum.

But they're likeable scum. There's Billy, who's smart and funny and STILL works in advertising; uncontrollable urge-bag Keaton who is possibly evil but undeniably crazed; ambitious, neurotic, spoiled Emma; and hopeless, witless, feckless Greg. Their boss, Satan herself, is addled, raddled agency boss Mrs Broom, who LOVES to hire and fire, sometimes doing both to the same people in the same meeting.

Bright, sharp, original and funny... this show reached the parts other comedies cannot reach.

Starring Kevin Bishop (Star Stories, The Kevin Bishop Show), Adam Buxton (Adam and Joe), Iain Lee (The 11 O'Clock Show) & Daisy Haggard (Man Stroke Woman), the show was recorded at BBC TV Centre.


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