A new comedy series for BBC3 jointly Executive Produced by Ash Atalla (The Office, The IT Crowd, Man Stroke Woman) and Adam Chase (Writer/ Exec Producer on the hit US sitcom 'Friends'), Clone opens with a brilliant scientist unveiling the result of his life’s work: The first human clone. Intended to be a prototype super soldier who will eventually replace Britain’s volunteer army, the Doctor quickly realises his super weapon is more likely to hug someone than shoot them.

Clone is a classic ‘fish out of water’ comedy revolving around the education of an Innocent who is seeing and experiencing our world for the first time. It might also be described as a ‘buddy comedy’ about a modern Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.

The show stars Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Carribean, Evita, Miss Saigon) and Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen) with Fiona Glascott (Foyle's War) and Stuart McLoughlin (currently appearing in 'Brief Encounter' live on stage at the Cinema Haymarket).

The show will be screened at BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, Lonon W1A 1AA on Monday 22nd September for ONE NIGHT ONLY. If you would like to join us, then apply now!


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