So you think you're fashionable? Maybe you're a wannabe designer, or you think you've got real model quality. Well now it's your chance to prove it.

Strip Search is a brand spanking new game show for BBC3, where we'll be kick starting new fashions and pitting the most stylish boys and girls in the country against one another for the chance to take home a fantastic prize.

To get involved, all you need to do is come on down to the show and get your kit off for us! That's right - the audience will be stripping to their underwear, and a handful of contestants will be demonstrating their flair for fashion in front of a panel of expert fashionistas.

But if their style doesn't cut it, they'll be facing a quick exit - through a trapdoor.

Strip Search is recording at London's Elstree Studios at 7.30pm on Thursday 18th of September. If you think you've got it and you'd like to appear on the show, then apply now!


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