RUSH HOUR was a sketch show for BBC3.

Stuck in traffic during the daily scrum to get to where no one really wants to go, Rush Hour dipped into the lives of the disturbed drivers and peculiar passengers as they argued, flirted and bickered their way round the rat run.

Characters included Ian The Pervy Boss, a balding 50-something business man who liked to give his PA a lift to work every morning, so he could try to impress her, Jolyon The Shock Rocker, the lead singer of Black Metal collective, DogFist, who happened to be a fifteen year old boy who had to be driven everywhere by his mummy. The show also featured Chantaigne, who thought she was famous after her one, incredibly brief, appearance on X-Factor and Frank The Intolerant Taxi Driver, who hadnít got a good word to say about anyone.

The cast of Rush Hour included Frankie Boyle, David Armand, Naomi Bentley, Adam Buxton, Kerry Godliman, Miranda Hart, Sanjeev Kholi, Marek Larwood, Bruce McKinnon, Lorna Watson and Katy Wix.

The show was screened at BBC TV Centre, White City.


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