Arcadia was a youthful sitcom set in the real world around Clacton’s finest computer games shop Games 4 U with a cast of characters whose minds were somewhere else entirely…

The shop was in financial trouble and ever-so-slightly neurotic manager Tony (Edinburgh Fringe Award winner Nick Mohammed) was doing his best to keep things afloat, ably assisted by Mr Sci-Fi convention himself, Jeremy Stokes (Matt Green), and the attractive, though unobtainable, Bella.

Tony believed that he could design games better than the ones he sold; the problem was that all his ideas were rubbish. Jeremy had played and completed every computer game ever released while still managing to have a surprising amount of luck with the ladies. This was all the more remarkable considering Jeremy regularly arrived for work dressed as gaming characters no one else had heard of. Bella was the gorgeous level-headed young assistant and the apple of Tony’s eye but unfortunately she was more interested in the mysterious hacker Clint who masqueraded as an asexual-cyber-terrorist but was in fact a nice middle-class boy who still lived at home with his mum.

The show was recorded at BBC TV Centre.


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