Above Their Stations is a new sitcom written by and starring Rhys Thomas (Star Stories, Fun At The Funeral Parlour, Nathan Barley, The Fast Show)

Pounding rural Essex's mean streets, Perry (Rhys Thomas) is a maverick. He reckons he's Vange Police's most lethal weapon. But he isn't even a cop. He really, really wants to be, but he isn't - he's a Police Community Support Officer... a "Plastic Policeman". He and his fellow PCSOs Kelly, Len (Luke Gell - Two Pints of Lager.../Scallywagga), and Chester are just like real coppers, but without the uniform, the powers, the authority, the money, the respect, or the stick to hit people with.

Perry doesn't want much in life - just the love of Kelly, who doesn't really care about him or the job; the respect of sweet but naive Len, who wears his high-visibility jacket with pride, rid of pensioner Chester, who leaves his colostomy bag in all the wrong places, and to defeat Preston, a proper copper with a mean streak. And running the station, and counting down the days to his impending retirement, Chief Inspector Boone doesn't care what the PCSOs do as long as they don't bother him...

Big, bold and daft, this is a new sitcom with a heart of gold and and a jacket of day-glo yellow.

If you'd like to join us for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Saturday 7th February 2009 at The ITV London Studios, then apply now!


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