1 vs 100
Imagine 100 opponents in front of you; 100 people wanting to defeat you; 100 people wanting to see you leave with no money whatsoever...

1 vs 100 pitted one player against 100 opponents. The player's goal was to eliminate all the opposition by correctly answering questions, hoping that their opponents would answer incorrectly and be eliminated from the game. The battle continued until the very last opponent was defeated. Only then could the player walk away with the money they'd earned. Along the way, the player had opportunities to 'buy' the right answer but if they did, their cash would plummet. If the player gave a wrong answer at any time, it was game over and they left with nothing.

Could they cling on to the hot seat and defeat every opponent? If so, it could have meant serious money for them!

Ben Shephard hosted the show which was recorded at Maidstone Studios.

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