Dispatches is producing an hour-long debate live on Channel 4. As a nation we own billion of pounds worth of assets, from ancient silver candlesticks, to missiles, from barren waste-land, to huge houses for judges to sleep in. And the government is already flogging them off to reduce the national debt.

But are they selling off the right things? And should we be selling more of it off before we start sacking council workers and dismantling the NHS? Or should we retain our land and heritage? If we are selling things, how far should we go? If itís ok to sell candlesticks, in theory is it ok to sell Ö Buckingham Palace? Or the entire armed forces? What happens if we sell everything and get into this mess again? And can we trust the government to sell it off for the right price?

Join Krishnan Guru-Murthy of C4 News, plus a host of experts to watch debate unfold - and vote in the studio to tell the government what you think we should or shouldn't sell off.

Your country needs you!

The show will be live on Monday 7th March from BBC TV Centre, White City, London. If you would like to join us for this event, then apply now!


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