Bea and Sam invited you to their raucous show, as they held celebrity culture by its ankles and shook itů hard. Through their charming, honest, self-deprecating stand up, savage sketches and ridiculous pastiche of songs from eighties cheese to West End hits, this was a toxic concoction.

"Samantha Sanns and Bea Holland appear to have finally moved us into the post-French and Saunders era". Veronica Lee, The Observer.

"Bea Holland and Samantha Sanns don't hold back. Their performance is a raucous cocktail of hilarious sketches, brutally honest stand-up and riotously reworked popular songs." Sunday Telegraph.

Due to the colourful language and adult content, this was a show for strictly over 18s only.

The show was recorded at Teddington Studios.


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