Join Steve Jones for the recording of an exciting, brand new game show pilot, where contestants compete for their chance to win a share of the prize fund to help fund their dream. They will need to be passionate about their dream and convince the other contestants that they deserve a share of the cash. But there’s a catch - the money has been split into 10 unequal amounts, and it could be anything from £500,000 to £0. The contestants will have just one hour to decide how the money is shared between them and someone must give up their dream and agree to take home nothing. In order for anyone to leave with anything, all the amounts must be allocated by the end of the final round. Failure to do so will mean all contestants will get nothing. This could well be the most important argument of their life!

The show is a non-broadcast pilot for Channel 4, so this is a brilliant opportunity to be there at the very beginning of an exciting new game show! The audience is very important because throughout the game there will be opportunities to help influence the outcome as you will be voting along with the game.

If you would like to join us on Monday 3rd November 2014 for an evening of fun & excitement at BBC Elstree in Borehamwood, then apply now!


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