In a rowdy, party-like studio, 3 boys with wildly different personalities compete against each other in a series of outrageous challenges. They are trying to win a VIP trip to Ibiza with their mates, who are cheering them on from the audience.

BUT... in each challenge the boys MUST endure the help, involvement and interfering influence of their outrageous, embarrassing and over-the-top MUMS!

'The Nation's Favourite Big Brother Housemate Ever' Brian Dowling, the beautiful AJ Odudu, our larger-than-life cast and toenail curling games will bring out relationship stories and comedy moments you just canít see anywhere else on television.

We need you, the audience, to be in at the birth of this brand new show. For one night only, you are invited to the ITV London Studios near Waterloo for the run-through on Tuesday 14th October 2014. Refreshments will be provided to complete the fun. Apply now to join us there!


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