The fantastically funny Rich Fulcher The Mighty Boosh finally has his own show - who did he sleep with?

Regardless, he's got one, and it's set in a family-run junk shop. That's Rich follows the trials and tribulations of a man who doesn't know the difference between a valuable cash-in-the-attic find and something nobody in their right mind would buy. In other words, he's an idiot.

Rich is aided by his son Alistair, who feels that his business acumen is begin wasted and hopes one day to work for Alan Sugar. Other characters on the high street include his best friend Dalton, a jacket potato shop owner who's got 'potatoes on the brain' and business rival Fantasio, an egomaniacal hairdresser who runs a salon/art gallery. Richard's biggest enemy is Margaret, a community police officer who thinks she's Cagney.... or Lacey, depending on the day!

The show records at The ITV London Studios on the South Bank, so if you would like to join us for a night of comedy, then apply now!


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