Should you send a thank you letter after a one night stand? Why don't we have a fast lane on all pavements? Should it be illegal to use the phrase 'Wine O'Clock"?

Knowing how to conduct yourself used to be simple - there were books, finishing schools and often a stern nanny to make sure you did the right thing. But nowadays the world is such a social minefield - made worse by the fact that every time you mess up, someone's inevitably filming it on a camera phone.

Luckily, Holly Walsh and her select band of comedians are here to point you in the right direction, like the modern equivalent of a strict Victorian governess.

Best Behaviour is a brand new panel show for Radio 4, devoted to clarifying the rules for modern life. Basically, it's like finishing school, but slightly less obsessed with cutlery.

The show records on Wednesday 4th February 2015 at The RADA Studios off Tottenham Court Road. If you'd like to join us for a hilarious night of comedy, then apply now!


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