On Saturday 8th December, we shall be testing out a new format for an entertainment show hosted by Jonathan Ross based around the poker game Texas Holdem, which Jonathan will be playing along with 4 celebrity mates and one lucky Pokerstars lottery ticket winner.

The show is more about the entertainment value than simply the game, so the players will be interacting with the audience, perhaps even asking them for advice about the strength of their hand. We need you to support them with your applause, cheers and, hopefully, laughter! No knowledge or even much interest in poker is required, although that will help!

On Saturday 8th December 2012, the other players will be John Bishop, Jason Manford, Victoria Coren and Boris Becker and the prize money will go to the chosen charity of the winning player.

If you would like to join us this Saturday for a relaxed afternoon of fun and witty banter at No5 Cavendish Square, London, then apply now!


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