This Television Series was looking for Anxious Parents!

If you were anxious about your children, worried when your children were away from you, or were afraid to let your kids be independent, Firefly Productions wanted to hear from you for their television series about modern parenting for Channel Five. With constant news stories about crime, drugs and the power of the internet, all parents face tough decisions when considering how much freedom to give their kids.

The families taking part were offered a unique practical programme over the course of a weekend. Parents would learn strategies to manage and overcome the stress and anxiety they feel about their children and kids would have the opportunity to explore their capabilities and grow in confidence. Concrete steps and support were provided by trained professionals.

Firefly wanted to speak to parents of children and young people between the ages of 11-18.

All conversations were confidential and did not commit you to being involved in the series; they wanted to hear about your experiences for their research.


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